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Small retreats to large executive cottages has plans for all sizes. Classic to modern - we have all styles covered.

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Construction documents or "blueprints" are available for each of the cabins, cottages, and retreats.

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The Get-a-Way Cabin
16'-8" Depth x 17'-4" Width

Loft Level: 94 sq. ft.
Main Level: 283 sq. ft.
Total Area: 377 sq. ft.

The Stockholm Cottage
30'-0" Depth 44'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 920 sq. ft.
Main Level: 940 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 285 sq. ft.
Total Area: 2,145 sq. ft.

The Overlook Retreat
40' Depth x 44' Width

Basement Level: 1085 sq. ft.
Main Level: 1285 sq. ft.
Upper Level: 1030 sq. ft.
Roof Level: 350 sq. ft.
Total Area: 3750 sq. ft.

The Weekender Cabin
16'-8" Depth x 20'-8" Width

Main Level: 288 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 155 sq. ft.
Total Area: 443 sq. ft.

The Urban Cottage
24'-0" Depth x 44'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 768 sq. ft.
Main Level: 800 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 832 sq. ft.
Total Area: 2,400 sq. ft.

The Pavillion Retreat
30' Depth x 36' Width

Basement Level: 750 sq. ft.
Main Level: 750 sq. ft.
Loft Area: 560 sq. ft.
Total Area: 2060 sq. ft.

The Craftsman Cabin
28'-0" Depth x 34'-0" Width

Main Level: 720 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 264 sq. ft.
Total Area: 984 sq. ft.

The Farmhouse Cottage
32'-0" Depth x 40'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 1264 sq. ft.
Main Level: 1264 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 1264 sq. ft.
Total Area: 3792 sq. ft.

The Gazebo Retreat
16' Depth x 20'-8" Width

Basement Level: 312 sq. ft.
Total Area: 312 sq. ft.

The Huntsman Cabin
28'-0" Depth x 29'-4" Width

Main Level: 717 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 392 sq. ft.
Total Area: 1,109 sq. ft.

The Mountain Cottage
31'-4" Depth x 96'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 2360 sq. ft.
Main Level: 2930 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 320 sq. ft.
Total Area: 5610 sq. ft.

The Gazebo & Tower Retreat

The Sportsman 26'-0" Depth 36'-0"Width

Bsmt Level: 800 sq. ft.
Main Level: 802 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 388 sq. ft.
Total Area: 1,988 sq. ft.


The Northern Cabin
20'-0" Depth x 32'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 896 sq. ft.
Main Level: 860 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 240 sq. ft.
Total Area: 1,996 sq. ft.


The Spooner Cabin
22'-8" Depth x 26'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 450 sq. ft.
Main Level: 462 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 100 sq. ft.
Total Area: 1012 sq. ft.

The Executive Cottage 91'-0" Depth 131'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 3,600 sq. ft.
Main Level: 4,600 sq. ft.
Garage: 1,260 sq. ft.
Upper Level: 4,000 sq. ft. Apartment Level: 1,040 sq. ft.
Total Area: 14,500 sq. ft.


The Telemark Cabin
16'-0" Depth x 32'-0" Width

Bsmt Level: 512 sq. ft.
Main Level: 620 sq. ft.
Loft Level: 192 sq. ft.
Total Area: 1324 sq. ft.